Advocate Capital, Inc.

We are a team of businesspeople who are passionate about helping plaintiff attorneys get even better results for their clients, mainly through our AdvoTrac® Case Expense Funding Service. As Seventh Amendment advocates, we are always looking for ways to encourage, educate and support our law firm clients as they pursue justice on their clients’ behalf.

Contingent-fee law firms are truly the keys to the civil courthouses in our country, and yet they face so many financial challenges. Our case expense funding product is the only financial advantage that is available to such firms.

Using our proprietary AdvoTrac® software, we track our client law firms’ lines of credit on a case-by-case basis so that the borrowing costs can ultimately be recouped from the cases themselves. So the net cost of borrowing is zero for the cases that the firms win (or from which they at least get their case expenses back). More details about lawyer financing can be found here.

Our clients are among the best and brightest trial law firms from all over the United States. We have enjoyed consistent and considerable growth since our start in 1999 and are funding tens of thousands of cases in our system at any given moment! We look forward to adding you to our family of “raving fan” clients.

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• AdvoTrac® Case Expense Funding Service
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• Wealth Management

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