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Coming Up on Top Shelf Book Club

The Final Case by David Guterson

In this session, we are joined by award-winning, best-selling author, David Guterson to discuss his book, The Final Case.

The Final Case is said to be the author’s most compelling and heartfelt novel to date. The case involves the death of a young Ethiopian girl and her adoptive parents are charged with her murder. A criminal attorney in Seattle takes on the case as his law practice nears its final days so he leans on his son as he prepares for the last trial of his career. This is a moving familial story about a father and son, a taut courtroom drama and a bold examination of privilege, power, and how to live a meaningful life.


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December 15, 2022

If you would like to discuss anything about this book with John Uustal, you can email him at .


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The Top Shelf Book Club

The Top Shelf is a unique book club experience that will make you a better trial lawyer. We take amazing books that are fun to read, and we use them to identify the factors that influence key trial moments. You will see how amazing lawyers (both real and fictional) won cases. And it’s fun! Each session, we have a guest bartender teaching you how to make a new cocktail.