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Trial School’s Mission is to help teach the best trial advocacy methods and practices to trial lawyers who represent people.

So many times, trial lawyers with busy practices face trial without having had recent trial experience. Frequently, good plaintiff lawyers who haven’t tried a case in the recent past struggle and scramble to pull together their questions and arguments for a trial and are woefully short on time.

Many of us are familiar with this scenario: a law office conference room table stacked with files and documents. A handful of thick trial advocacy books are pulled off the shelf and are open on the table. It’s getting late at night, and the lawyer is trying to search his computer for outlines of old voir dires and opening statements he’s done in the past.

A touch of anxiety fills the conference room as the hours tick by and he tries to pull together his questions and arguments at the last minute.

Focused On Helping Trial Lawyers

One of the missions of Trial School is to help with this struggle by providing training to help lawyers through this process.

  • We help by giving the trial lawyer the confidence to know they have the best tools and have learned the best methods.
  • We help by providing practical templates to use as a go-by to help write questions and outlines.
  • We help by providing an opportunity to practice with mock juries to hone trial skills and prepare to be the best advocate possible for the client.
  • And finally, Trial School seeks to be a laboratory for today’s top trial lawyers to study and collaborate on developing the best methods and practices for trial advocacy.