The Legal Marketing and Advertising Agency

For more than 40 years, top attorneys and leading law firms around the world have utilized our exclusive Network to rise above market competition and build profitable legal brands. The beauty of partnering with Network Affiliates is that our team of legal advertising experts definitively understands your business – from a focus on KPI’s and growing your bottom line, to defining and expanding your brand’s reach and prominence – our team has the hands-on experience you’ve been looking for but could never find at a “traditional” agency…because your business doesn’t need tradition. It needs ground-breaking creative, innovative approaches to media strategy and growing your business, and a personalized dedication to your success that’s unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

• Compelling Creative and Video Production – People love to consume video content! Whether via traditional television, streaming television, social media or digital media, video content is the “soul of your brand”. It elevates your strengths and allows you to connect emotionally with your audience…Sight + sound + motion + emotion = an unparalleled brand building experience for your audience. We trust our hearts, our experience, our instincts and evidence-based research to craft our creative….and by doing so, we pluck your message from the braying airwaves of the “same old, same old.” Your audience will know that things can and will get better because of who you are and what you do… and they’ll know that because of who we are and what we do.

• Media Strategy, Planning, Negotiating and Placement – Holistically speaking, your advertising investment is about more than a balance sheet. Investing in your brand includes your media budget, production budget, allocation of internal resources and your own personal focus. You have a lot on the line. So, investing in a comprehensive media strategy is imperative to your brand’s growth and success. It doesn’t matter if someone is standing still, on the road or on the run, we’ll build your brand, and your business with wicked-smart, laser focused media expertise….and deliver results!

• Audio Production – There’s a great deal of psychological research around the ‘art of sound’; how audible communication effects our brains, our emotions, and most critically, the impact it has on the decisions we make. Our Radio, On-hold messaging and Streaming Audio services are critical to nurturing your already successful brand and are a powerful way to expand your voice.

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