Expert Institute gives attorneys access to world-class experts, cutting-edge research on opposing experts, and innovative legal tech.

  • Expert Search – retain industry leaders and subject matter experts who are at the forefront of their field. With 3+ million experts, you have access to the top minds in any occupation or discipline.
  • Expert Radar -Access AI-driven due diligence on opposing and retained experts. Research every expert’s litigation history, challenges, publications, deposition/trial transcripts, and more to extract actionable insights.
  • Medical Record Reviews – Consult a team of 75+ legal-minded physicians, trained in every medical discipline, to review medical records, and evaluate your cases. It’s like having a team of med-mal savvy MDs working down the hall at your office.
  • Medical Chronologies – Effortlessly summarize medical records using AI. Turn thousands of pages of medical records into smart, digitized, hyperlinked, and searchable documents with our AI-powered chronology tool.
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