Champions of Trial Boot Camp

Event Information

Date And Time

7/10/20 - Brainstorming Winning Themes and Case Frames Mike Kelly, Randi McGinn
7/17/20 - Teeing up For Trial: The Last 60 Days Before Trial John Uustal, Marion Munley
7/24/20 - Putting Everything You Need To Win Into Evidence Doris Cheng, Jim Perdue
7/31/20 - Voir Dire: Jury Picking from The Masters: Voir Dire Lisa Blue, Rich Newsome
8/7/20 - Winning Starts on Day 1: Crafting and Delivering Opening Statements Troy Rafferty, Mike Kelly, Rich Newsome
8/14/20 - Seeing is Believing: Persuasive Visual Evidence For 21st Century Jurors Troy Rafferty, Dave Buchanan
8/21/20 - Winning Direct Exam: Clients, Cops, Observers and Before and After Witnesses Bill Hawal, John Gomez
8/28/20 - Making the Case Through The Defendant’s Mouth: Cross Examination of Defendants and Corporate Representatives Mike Papantonio, Chris Spagnoli
9/4/20 - Mining Nuggets From The Liars and Confused: Impeachment and Cross Exam of Non-Experts Mel Orchard, Jane Paulson
9/11/20 - Scripting Compelling Expert Testimony On Direct Examination Kathleen Nastri, Ken Suggs
9/18/20 - Opinions For Hire: Effective Cross Exam of Defense Doctors, Engineers and Other So-Called Experts Ben Rubinowitz, Mike Kelly
9/25/20 - Bringing It Home With Style and Substance: Closing Arguments That Win Troy Rafferty and Carl Douglas



Faculty Members

Ben Rubinowitz
Bill Hawal
Bob Kelly
Carl Douglas
Chris Spagnoli
Dave Buchanan
Doris Cheng
Jane Paulson
Jim Perdue
John Gomez
John Uustal
Kathleen Nastri
Ken Suggs
Lisa Blue
Marion Munley
Mel Orchard
Mike Kelly
Mike Papantonio
Randi McGinn
Rich Newsome
Troy Rafferty
Hosted by Rich Newsome, Mike Kelly and Troy Rafferty

Trial School and Mass Torts Connect are pleased to announce the Champions of Trial Boot Camp, an incredible twelve part program on trial advocacy featuring live stream lessons taught by today’s best trial lawyers from across America. Champions of Trial will feature 12 weekly lessons, with each two hour lesson focusing on a different phase of the trial from Voir Dire to Closing Arguments and everything in between. Each lesson will feature three or four faculty members who will present different methods and approaches to each piece of the trial followed by a short summary of how the different approaches can be combined into a Mixed Method Advocacy or “MMA” approach. Participants will also be given a short memo of the black letter law for each class and an MMA outline for each topic.

The Champions of Trial Boot Camp is open to all lawyers and law students and is completely free. If you are a trial lawyer looking to up your game, or a law student who wants to learn today’s top trial advocacy methods from attorneys with record breaking verdicts who are at the top of the profession – this Class is for you!

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