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April is Product Liability Month here at Trial School.

We will be conducting weekly programs featuring an all-star lineup of faculty members, and a wealth of information, templates, outlines, and best practices we will share.

The first week we will start with the basics, and then move through the various aspects of handling a product liability case from start to finish. If you currently handle automobile crash cases and are interested in moving into product liability, this course is designed for you.

Program Description


The 2021 Trial School Symposium will be a combination of lectures and break-out workshops. Like with the first two Trial School in-person events, this program is designed to curate and explore the various methods, both traditional and cutting edge, for trying cases. As always, our goal is to learn how to improve our collective trial advocacy skills through faculty collaboration and share these skills with other lawyers who represent people.

Trial School Lab Symposium Workshops


This year’s Symposium will focus on two topics: 1) openings statements, and 2) communication skills. The seminar will present the various methods used to achieve success at trial. The workshops build on the seminar topics by offering an opportunity to use these methods in practice. Workshops available this year include Psychodrama with Louise Lipman or Michael Traynor, Neurolinguistic Programming, or “NLP” with Eric Oliver, Personal States with Chris Stombaugh, Tell it Like a Movie with Mel Orchard and Jesse Wilson, and Opening Statements with Trial School faculty.

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