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What is your brand promise? First, your brand isn’t your firm name, your logo, or your
area of expertise. Brands are perceptions that live in the hearts and minds of people.
They’re about the emotional and psychological connection a person experiences with
you, your law firm, the service you provide and the results you achieve. What’s more,
the apex of successful brand building isn’t just to be well known or recognizable…it’s to
be respected, trusted, and even loved.

Which brings us to defining your firm’s brand promise. What makes your brand better,
special, and the best choice for representation in your market’s legal landscape?

When people talk about your business behind closed doors, what are they saying?
What do you hope they say? What’s your “because” statement? Imagine, a former
client is referring your firm to a friend or family member. They might say: “You should
call them because they treat you like family and you can trust them with your life.”

When your employees, clients, judges, jurors, neighbors, friends, referral sources, and
other thought leaders talk about your law firm, they need something differentiating,
elevating, compelling, and honest to say about the relationships and experiences had
by those who work with you, that is present within every interaction—that’s your brand

Your brand is the soul of your firm. It defines you. So, what’s your brand promise? If
you’d like some help defining that, give us a call at 303-597-9666, or visit
Or, if we simply made you think…. mission accomplished!