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03/25/2021 to 03/26/2021





Online Event

What You Must Know to Handle Brain Injury Cases

Hosted by John Gomez

Jurors today are more willing to fully compensate brain injury survivors IF the case is presented correctly. This webinar will teach you everything you need to know to win. Thanks to the NFL and military, virtually all jurors today are willing to accept the fact that brain injuries — even just concussions — can cause real and permanent harm. But why do some cases get millions while others do not? In this presentation, nationally acclaimed trial lawyer John Gomez, along with our nation’s leading medical experts and trial lawyers, will teach you to step by step, exactly what you need to know to win big for your clients every time. This presentation will feature real, practical, must-do tips, in short, power-packed segments. Tune in, and you will be ready to win your brain injury case big every single time.

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