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Jesse Wilson

Tell it Like a Movie – 2-Day In Person Workshop

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Introducing the 2 day groundbreaking workshop, working with renowned trial lawyer Mel Orchard and communications specialist and jury trial consultant Jesse Wilson, you will apply the most effective fundamental directing and storytelling techniques from the stage to help you discover and deliver the winning story to judges, mediators and jurors.

When we see that our compass as a storyteller for the courtroom stage has more to do with our greater ability to direct the movement of story, instead of just telling a story, we expand the potential to move people.

Working in an actual blackbox theater in beautiful Colorado Springs, you’ll be provided with simple, powerful, easily accessible, and real directing methods from the stage and screen to command the stage and inspire your jurors to action.

Attendees should come fully prepared with a Real Life Client/Witness in a current or upcoming case you are working on.

Other skills you will be developing:

  • Making fear your ally on stage— from stage fright to stage freedom
  • Develop your own personal style, and command your jurors attention with the 8 fundamentals of breakthrough communication from the stage and screen
  • Apply the 4 Steps of The Stage to transform you, your client, and your jurors from Victim to Victor
  • Expanding vocal range, breathing techniques, inflection, and expressiveness
  • Increase your courage and confidence through the art of improvisation
  • Speak, Silence! Using silence powerfully and effectively in your delivery
  • Owning “your story” with your entire body, not just “from the neck up:” Non-verbal communication & body language- postures, gestures and establishing proper eye contact during Opening Statement, Direct and Cross Examination
  • Increased ability to effectively use pitch, articulation, inflection, volume, rate, and clarity in your delivery

About the Instructors

Mel Orchard is a renowned trial lawyer. For the past 28 years Mel has been trying cases around the country and holds jury trial records in multiple states. Mel is also an actor having spent considerable time as a young man on the stage. Finally, Mel is a teacher. He spent more than 15 years as a part of the Trial Lawyer’s College creating and learning and teaching hungry trial lawyers.

Jesse Wilson is a communications specialist, Juilliard Theater Graduate, and jury trial consultant. In 2015, Jesse created “Tell The Winning Story,” a communication breakthrough company to empower trial lawyers to deliver high-impact presentations, as well as rapidly transform their communication and collaboration skills to effectively prepare clients and witnesses to testify.

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Date And Time

2022-10-07 @ 09:00 AM to 2022-10-08 @ 05:00 PM

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427 E Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, CO

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